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Racetron Limited, the Flymove Group company dedicated to Motorsport and promotion, announces the achievement of a three-year partnership agreement with the drivers Giancarlo Fisichella and Marco Cioci. Racetron has also reached an agreement with the ProRace company for the creation of a Flymove Motorsport team. Giancarlo and Marco are pilots of great experience and with prestigious victories in their palmares. Their role will not only be limited to driving the Dianchè Sport cars on the track, but will also include responsibility for the technological development of the new hyper-cars that Flymove intends to present in 2024/2025.

22 March 2023

The Flymove Group closes an investment round of 18 million euros

Equiventia Capital Partners Limited, the parent holding company of the Flymove project, is pleased to announce the closure of the first round of investment for a value of approximately 18 million euro. The capitals were acquired through the sale of equity to a selected group of qualified international investors. These capitals will be divided among the four companies belonging to the Group (more precisely Moovital Limited, Mobentia Limited, Evedigix Limited and Racetron Limited) for the implementation of the respective investment plans aimed at presenting, within the first months of 2024, the prototypes of the Dianchè cars, the POE station and the digital platform EVE A.I. R&D projects developed with partner companies in the Energy, Advanced Materials, Sustainability and Biofuels sectors will also be financed.

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