Flymove Beyond Mobility

Point of Energy Station

The fully integrated Station for the Sustainable Mobility

Flymove's innovative sustainable mobility "platform" can be defined as the most complete mobility chain available in the sector today. An innovative and competitive technological package, developed in collaboration with some Italian companies of excellence and with international partners, which starts from the production of renewable energy on-site, its storage and distribution through revolutionary service stations, up to the use of cars full EV with unmistakable design and innovative features.

Flymove has already presented since 2018, among the very first in the world, its proposals for full electric City Car and Sports cars, under the "Dianchè" brand, also making use of an innovative rapid battery exchange system (BSS), and in next months it will present the new full EV cars for 2022 and 2023.

POE Station

Smart Mobility Platform is currently the only integrated and sustainable platform present in the global mobility market, which places Italy among the absolute excellence in this specific sector with enormous industrial potential for the next decades. Flymove is a unique opportunity, especially for those who work in the technological investment sector, to get to know a cutting-edge initiative up close and to have the opportunity to participate in an industrial enterprise of enormous value and charm.

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