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Flymove: since 2018 a new concept of mobility for the future

How to revolutionize the standard paradigmas

The Flymove project was born in 2018 as an industrial investment initiative promoted by Equiventia Capital Partners.

Until 2020, Flymove relaunched the famous Italian design brand "Bertone", and during the period in which it held the exclusive license to use it, it presented - in a major event held in Milan - a series of innovative fully EV hyper-cars, also with Battery Swap technology, such as the Dianchè GT Cube and the Dianchè GT One.

Following a corporate and strategic reorganization, also due to the well-known and past pandemic events, today the Flymove project is reborn in a new way and is managed in a totally autonomous way for design and industrial activities, through a group of companies financed thanks to the intervention of new investors and who operate in synergy with each other.

Dianchè GT Cube


Flymove is an aggregator of technologies and companies

It offers innovative cars and high-end services developed by third parties according to its own strategy and application and commercial requirements. For this reason, Flymove's technological Partners are many and cover the entire industrial chain. In this way, Flymove has direct and privileged access to any technological innovation developed by its Partners, being able to then include it in its products and promote its diffusion within the Platform.

Flymove collaborates from time to time with the most suitable Partners

For each project to be developed to order, the best designers, engineering companies, powertrains, prototypes, battery swaps, batteries, generation and storage of renewable energy, digital applications and much more.

Flymove is not, and does not intend to become, a car manufacturer

It does not invest in direct industrial production and does not intend to compete with other producers. Flymove operates in the sectors of Mobility, Energy Distribution Networks, Renewable Energy and Sustainability, Digital Platforms. It conceives the products, builds the prototypes and has their large-scale industrial production started by third-party Partners all over the world who already have the necessary infrastructures and who make them available to Flymove.

Flymove's entire supply chain and industrial and financial system is self-sufficient

It does not require of any external public incentives and each Business Unit finances itself with its own activity and its own investors, who can invest freely in each of the 4 Units: Automotive, Networks & Energy, Digital and Motorsport.

Flymove's real core business is the sale of services related to mobility and energy management

It takes the form of the sale of its City Cars, which in turn are the tool made available to the public to access them.

The production (carried out by third parties) and the sale of cars (carried out exclusively via online shopping) is necessary and essential to create one's own market niche with extremely loyal users who use Flymove's exclusive services, which today number more than 40 and are constantly growing.

Flymove's structure is very light and flexible

An organization calibrated to develop ideas, supervising the activities of the Partners and managing them in the best way. The Flymove cars will be sold with an innovative business model and via digital channels and online platforms. In this way the costs are limited and the economic benefits are passed on to the end users. There are no direct competitors, as far as we know, to date Flymove is the only platform in the world to offer a complete package of services through a digital platform connected to Cars, Homes and the City.

For these reasons, the Flymove Beyond Mobility initiative is one of a kind, multi-sectoral, sustainable, financially competitive and always advanced technologically.

Dianchè GT One


An integrated and sustainable mobility project that will gradually expand in cities by creating a 'smart metro' through the use of full electric vehicles for transporting people both for the "taxi" service and for the "mover" shuttle service. A single rapid battery exchange system that eliminates battery recharge dead times. A digital platform that manages all user services and monitors flows. These are just some of the foundations of the true "smart city" of the future that Flymove intends to create.



Wellness Urban Mobility

A new way to conceive, realize and live the Smart City of the future

The companies of the Flymove Group avail themselves of the collaboration with some of the most innovative and creative designers in the world, often very young and eager to see their creations used or applied in real industrial contexts. The design freedom that is given to them is also compensated by precise usability and use criteria that must respect economic standards that are in line with Flymove's requirements and expectations.

All Flymove vehicles are equipped with both Plug-In and Battery Swap systems, even if the advantages of the Battery Swap system are undeniably superior. The battery swap speed, the minimal impact of energy consumption, the reduced need to make expensive structural investments and the great usability of the car by the user, make the Battery Swap system unbeatable in terms of use and economic impact.

Recharging Time for 50 kW

Household Plug

with 2.3 kW

22 h 


with 11 kW

4 h 30 min

Public Charger 

with 50 kW

1 h

High Power Charger 

with 150 kW

20 min

High Power Charger 

with 350 kW

9 min

Battery Swap

1 min

Source: IONITY (2021)

The Point of Energy stations have different sizes and are designed to guarantee an immediate rapid battery swap, reducing the waiting time for the user to almost zero. They integrate perfectly into the metropolitan infrastructure and with a limited number of stations it is possible to cover a large city and to serve thousands of car every day. The POE Station Large is the first multifunctional energy supply station that swaps the batteries, recharges them by plug-in and is already set up for the on-site production of Hydrogen.


Flymove is not just about designing beautiful cars and stations or redefining the business model of the mobility of the future. It's much more. The tireless search for new technological solutions, integrations between several renewable energy sources, the use of recycled materials, are just some of the pillars on which the closed-loop supply chain is based, making Flymove unique in its kind. Every single aspect that is part of our new mobility concept is carefully studied in partnership with the best companies that are part of the Flymove technological team and inserted in a synergistic way with the other pieces of the system.

Recovered Rubber from ELT tires, Carbon Fiber, Biopolymers

Innovative processes to recover

CO2 to produce H2

Biofuels and biodiesel for thermal combustion engines

Renewable energy production processes and storage/distribution systems

The Eve Master A.I. Platform was born with the goal of creating the first integrated ecosystem of diffused urban mobility, able to welcome all the actors in a single hub that benefit from urban mobility for various purposes and giving life to the real concept of smart city.

Eve is the heart of the entire platform, as it consists of an enhanced artificial intelligence, capable of orchestrating data from heterogeneous sources, supervising, managing, organizing and translating them into conversation so that they can be easily used by users.

Thanks to an essential and intuitive interface, the EVE app is perfectly integrated with the Dianchè vehicle and the city environment where you are moving. The system provides the user with more than 40 different services, guaranteeing flexibility of use and usability of city mobility in an efficient and economic way, optimizing traffic flows and city livability.


Discover all the technological and functional characteristics of Flymove Mobility, the most advanced and complete mobility platform of the future.

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