Flymove Beyond Mobility

Smart Mobility Platform

The most advanced sustainable and integrated platform for the Mobility of the future.

Flymove's innovative sustainable mobility "platform" can be defined as the most complete mobility chain available in the sector today. An innovative and competitive technological package, developed in collaboration with some Italian companies of excellence and with international partners, which starts from the production of renewable energy on-site, its storage and distribution through revolutionary service stations, up to the use of cars full EV with unmistakable design and innovative features.

Flymove has already presented since 2018, among the very first in the world, its proposals for full electric City Car and Sports cars, under the "Dianchè" brand, also making use of an innovative rapid battery exchange system (BSS), and in next months it will present the new full EV cars for 2022 and 2023.

Smart Mobility Platform

Smart Mobility Platform is currently the only integrated and sustainable platform present in the global mobility market, which places Italy among the absolute excellence in this specific sector with enormous industrial potential for the next decades. Flymove is a unique opportunity, especially for those who work in the technological investment sector, to get to know a cutting-edge initiative up close and to have the opportunity to participate in an industrial enterprise of enormous value and charm.

A complete Mobility environment

Flymove is an "aggregator" of technologies, products and skills, which in a synergistic and integrated way make up a unique platform of its kind. A large team of companies and specialists who participate in the creation and development of each individual component, allowing Flymove to always be at the forefront in every sector.





  • Battery Swap
  • EV fast recharge
  • Hydrogen refilling
  • EVE A.I. Platform & Integrated Services



  • Automotive Design
  • Integrated projects for Smart Cities
  • Dianchè City Cars
  • Dianchè GT Hypercars
  • Dianchè Luxury Cars
  • Mobility & Mass Transportation
  • Wellness Urban Mobility



  • EV prototypes for Endurance Racing with Battery Swap
  • Mono brand Championships



  • POE Stations Network
  • Technologies for Renewable Energies
  • Hydrogen ‘On site’ & ‘On demand’
  • Technologies for Sustainable Mobility
  • Advanced Materials



  • Dianchè H2-VTOL
  • Stations & Services

Technological Partners

Italian and international excellences who collaborate with each other with technologies, structures and skills of the highest level. A constantly growing team.

Design, engineering, prototypes, powertrain, electric and hydrogen motors, digital, mechanical construction, batteries, infrastructure, energy. Each specific mobility sector has the right answer.

Products & Technologies

Dianchè Cube

City Cars

Flymove's innovative full EV cars for the city that use the incredible rapid battery exchange system together with standard fast charging.

Point of Energy

Stations Network

The future of mobility is realized with Flymove's new network of fast charging stations, Swap and Hydrogen.

Wellness Urban Mobility

Smart Cities

The complete system for achieving sustainable mobility in cities, in an integrated, efficient and low-cost way.

Dianchè BSS GT ONE & BSS GT Cube, uncompromising sporting and performance excellence. Among the most powerful EV cars in the world.

EVE is the only digital platform in the world that integrates the Car, Home and City environments into a single Artificial Intelligence system.

The Italian challenge to Endurance races for the first time in the world with a full EV and battery swap car.

Dianchè GT

Hyper Cars


Enhanced Vehicle Environment


Endurance & Rally

A cutting-edge technological package, constantly evolving and in step with market needs, always keeping the user at the center of customized products and services.

Battery Swap

The electric revolution has arrived! Flymove launches in Italy and in Europe the technology that solves all the operational problems of EV cars.

Higher efficiency and less waiting time

The rapid battery exchange technology has reached a very high efficiency: less than 120 seconds! The benefits for the user are obvious. Zero charging waiting times, lower cost of the car, batteries always efficient and managed by Flymove, swap cost identical to that of fast charging. In just 5 years, the swap station network will cover 95% of the Italian motorway network and the main European routes. All Dianchè cars are equipped with both the Fast Recharging plugin and the Battery Swap, to always have maximum peace of mind of use.

Recharge time vs. battery swap

Energy consumption (kW)

Battery Swap

< 120 seconds

Battery Swap

- 50%

Fast Recharging

15 minutes

Fast Recharging

> 350

Cost swap station vs. charger

Operating efficiency (cars/hour)

Battery Swap

- 25%

Battery Swap


Fast Recharging

Fast Recharging


Circa € 1,0 milione

Design & Style

Flymove designs and builds design cars in collaboration with the best designers in the world. A unique, unmistakable and personality look that distinguishes the Dianchè customer from anyone else.

Dianchè City Car BSS “CUBE” - 2018 - Exclusive design by Carlos Arroyo Turon for Flymove.

Dianchè GT “ONE” - 2018

In 2018 Flymove, within a license agreement with the respective owners,  relaunched the historic automotive design brand “Bertone”, presenting hyper-cars “one-off” designed by Carlos Arroyo Turon, which brought it back to the glories of the past. Today Flymove designs and designs its own brand cars, thanks to various partnerships with the most important designers in the world, ready for industrial production in Italy and abroad, specific for particular market niches. All Flymove cars and mobility vehicles use the technological package prepared and supplied by the partners who are part of the project. Today, Flymove is working to design and build the second generation of Dianchè cars.

Dianchè BSS GT “CUBE” - 2018 - Exclusive design by Carlos Arroyo Turon for Flymove.

News Desk


Cukierman side by side with Flymove

Cukierman & Co. Investment House Ltd. is a prestigious Israeli finance company, known worldwide for its investment activities in various technology sectors. After careful diligence, Cukierman decided to support the Flymove initiative, supporting its 2021-2023 Business Plan.

Cukierman will also act as Flymove's Financial Advisor, promoting the initiative also towards its own institutional investors and fostering strategic commercial and industrial alliances in various countries around the world. The set goal is the IPO listing by 2023.

December 2021

Sistem-EVO is a new Technology Partner for A.I. advanced technologies

Flymove is pleased to announce that the Pordenone-based company Sistem-EVO has joined the technological team for the development of the EVE digital platform. Sistem-EVO, founded in 2017 by Michele Sangion and Stefano Mancuso, is one of the most advanced companies in Italy and Europe in the development of Artificial Intelligence technologies. The integration with Flymove's EVE digital platform is total: an integrated platform of services for Automotive, Energy and Smart City will be developed which for the first time will directly correlate the three environments, exchanging information and services in real time and interfacing with users through incredibly realistic virtual avatars.

November 2021

November 2021

Flymove launches a new project for development of a new H2-VTOL

NGV Powertrain is a new Flymove Technology Partner

Flymove has started the concept and design of a revolutionary H2-VTOL aircraft according to innovative hydrogen direct combustion propulsion technologies. Many partners are involved in this important activity and hopefully for the first 2023 the first H2-VTOL mockup for Vertical Mobility completely Made in Italy will be presented at the CES in Las Vegas.

NGV Powertrain of Reggio Emilia, Italian excellence in the field of combustion, electric and hydrogen engine development, joins the Flymove technology team.

NGV's expertise and experience will be invaluable for the development of the future second generation of Dianchè hydrogen cars, also with applications in Motorsport and Vertical Mobility.

September 2021

October 2021

Flymove welcomes Marco to the Flymove team. He is from Rimini and has lived in Shanghai for many years, as well as being an experienced manager he is a profound connoisseur of the Chinese industrial environment. Flymove is very active in China and the representative office in Shanghai will become a strategic and fixed point for Flymove's future industrial developments.

Marco Morina is the new General Manager of Flymove in Shanghai

New Flymove representation

In San Francisco

Flymove opens a new representation in San Francisco, activating a partnership with Massimiliano De Simoni, who has been appointed Country Manager of Flymove in the USA. Thanks to this operation, Flymove strengthens its presence in the important American automotive market which sees California as the world center for the mobility of the future.


POE station best design project 2019

Dianchè GT Cube and Frecce Tricolori

Dianchè GT Cube and Frecce Tricolori

Dianchè GT One at Hong Kong Autoshow 2019 

Partnership between Flymove and Eurofork/Dianba Inframobility

Nico Rosberg

Flymove Team and Giorgetto Giugiaro

Roush top management visiting and testing Dianchè GT ONE

August 2019: Dianchè GT ONE first test drive

Dianchè GT Cube wins Autobello Spain elegance contest

Flymove and NEXT at SMAU show

Dianchè Cube on Auto & Design cover

November 2018: building the first Dianchè GT Cube mockup

Flymove first Shareholders & Partners Meeting Hotel Gallia Milano - 2018

Paolo Carlin

Founder & CEO

Claudio Garavaglia

Chairman & CFO

Roby Dagan


Giovanni Pullini

General Counsel

Paolo Clerici

Director & Main Investor

Angelo A. H. Jermann

Public Relations

Marco Morina

China General Manager

Massimiliano De Simoni

USA General Manager


Flymove's executive management is made up of a team of highly experienced and prestigious professionals, each with specific skills in the various areas of management and development of the company.

The team is constantly growing, integrating Italian and international managers and technicians who will be Flymove's true technological and commercial resource.


European Headquarters

Corte Arco Valaresso, 5

35139 - Padova


United States

P.R. of China

300 Montgomery Street

Suite 850 - San Francisco

CA 94104 USA

3rd Floor

No. 686 Jiujiang Road

Huangpu District - Shanghai

P.R. of China

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